When Mr. Kellogg donated the land for Cal Poly Pomona in 1949, he stipulated that an advisory committee "who are expert or have superior knowledge in the propagation of Arabian horses, their characteristics, uses and development" be formed to support the horse center. We are honored to have on this committee:

  • Rob Bick
  • Katie Burr
  • Nancy Harvey
  • Paula Hitzler
  • Linda Madsen (Emeritus)
  • Janina Merz 
  • John Resich
  • Margaret Rich

President Soraya Coley, Provost Jennifer Brown, College of Agriculture Dean Martin Sancho-Madriz, Horse Center Director John Lambert and Kathryn Krecke from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation serve as ex-officio members.

Minutes from these meetings can be downloaded here:

AAC_2016_spring_minutes.pdf  AAC_2015_fall_minutes.pdf    AAC_spring_2015_minutes.pdf  AAC_2016_fall_minutes.pdf AAC_2017_spring_Minutes.pdf  AAC_2017_fall_minutes.pdf  AAC_2018_fall_minutes.pdf