Zandyr was bred to be western and he does it well. Zandyr looks and trains very much like his pedigree says he should. His pedigree is full of who’s who of Arabian western horses and Zandyr does not disappoint. Zandyr has a big future in front of him and with his great mind he will ultimately finish as a top amateur western horse. Like his sire Zefyr+//, the judges will not miss his black color and great movement when he enters the show ring. 


Zefyr+// Sundance Kid V Desperado V Hucklebey Berry+/
Sweet Shalimar V Ali Jamaal
Sweetinspiration V
Pattrice *Pesniar Nabeg
Baliz *Bask++
Misti Lisa
My Love PR SJ Mikhail+++// Monaco NSB Namet
SJ Star Dancer *Ptersk
Sno Dancer
Cerisse PR++/ Bey-El-Sin Bay El Bey++
El Cap Sinabar++
Cerissaa Hask
Khara Mia+