Ambience is capable of being either western or hunter. He has a great natural shape to his neck and a lot of substance. With his quiet and personable demeanor Ambience is a favorite among the students. Ambience is very smart and each day of his training is better than the last. 


Bey Ambition Regal Actor JP *Encore Ali Ali Jamaal
My Mavica
More Pretty JP *Laddin BA
*Rose of Shaklan
Bey Shahs Lady Bey Shah+ Bay El Bey++
Star of Ofir
Elegance of Taask Taask
Le Elegance
CP Luminaire Monogramm Negatraz *Bask++
*Monogramma Knippel
La Amoria *Barich De Washoe Zurich
*Aldebaran II
Beau Ket Comar Bay Beau++
Pomona Liza