CP Illumination is the perfect example of a great minded amateur mount. He is quiet natured and tries hard to please. He will stand out in the show ring with his beautiful copper color and overall handsome appearance. Illumination is one of the favorites among the students at Cal Poly. Great thinking horses like Illumination are very hard to find, especially of his quality. He has already been ridden by a student at Cal Poly too.


Jullyen El Jamaal *Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
Heritage Memory El Magato
Heritage Labelle
Jullye El Ludjin Ludjin El Jamaal *Ali Jamaal
*Lydira El Shaklan
*NV Justa Dream Bey Shah+
Mi Favorite Toi
CP Luminaire Monogramm Negatraz *Bask++
*Monogramma Knippel
La Amoria *Barich De Washoe Zurich
*Aldebaran II
Beau Ket Comar Bay Beau++
Pomona Liza