And just like that, summer is here! Summer on a college campus can be a very quiet time, and here we will be done foaling and breeding mares, so the pace is very different than spring!  Staff and students will still be here caring for the horses, but it is a different pace then when 25,000 students are around.  It is a time for growth and re-energizing. 

On August 2, we will hold our third annual production sale through Addis On-line Auctions.  Comprised mostly of three-year olds well started under saddle by John Lambert and our students, the auction is a great way to acquire a horse either for your family or the show ring.  John will be glad to help you match your needs with one of our offerings.

The next academic year promises some exciting times.  We will have a new foal watch class in the fall quarter, teaching a small group of students foal handling hands on, maybe with a little competition at the end to see who learned the most.  Sunday shows will start back up - under the structure of our new Horsemanship Club.  We are hoping the club will help with outreach to get even more Cal Poly Pomona students engaged at the horse center.  And we have some other exciting announcements, so be on the lookout.

If your summer vacation brings you to southern California, we invite you to visit and see Mr. Kellogg's beautiful legacy for yourself.  You'll be glad you did.  We're building champions for the next 100 years!