2017 marks the 92nd year Arabians horses have been on this beautiful land in Pomona.  What an exciting anniversary to celebrate!  Working with the oldest Arabian breeding program in the United States is a huge honor and responsibility.  

One of the most important challenges is that our history remain relevant.  Questions like "what did Mr. Kellogg envision when he donated this land and horses?" affect our decisions on a daily basis.  Fortunately, he gave us several clues in the covenants to the deed.  For example, he said we "must maintain...at all times, a herd of horses of pure Arabian breed, to meet the highest standards, and of the best type, confirmation, and bloodlines." 

He also stipulated that our public exhibitions shall either be free, "or if  admission fees are charged they shall be such as not to discourage public attendance." This is one great reason the Sunday shows are only $4 - try to find another Southern California attraction you can attend for $4! 

We invite you to visit and see Mr. Kellogg's beautiful legacy for yourself - we're building champions for the next 100 years!